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Freescale is a revolutionary new electronic (chemical free) water softener, designed and manufactured in Britain. Freescale™ improves the quality of the water so you can increase the life of your pipes, heating system and any other machine that comes into contact with your water.

For industrial or for home use The Freescale™ system creates the perfect solution to cleaner, clearer water.

As soon as you have a water softener fitted, limescale build up is halted. In fact, one of the unique properties of softened water is that it will naturally remove existing limescale from plumbing installations, without the need for chemicals. How long will it take to remove the limescale?

Typically a kettle will descale in about 2 months, your hot water tank in around 10 months and pipework a little longer. It really depends on the age and level of existing limescale in your current system. Remember, having a softener will start reversing all limescale problems from the moment it is installed and this will start saving you some serious cash.

Will the removal of limescale cause any leaks?

No. Limescale is porous and if you had any leaks they would be leaking now. The removal of limescale does not cause any leaks to appear.
Features and Benefits

  Stabilizes pH   Removes Scale
  Dissolves Scum Line   Inhibits Algae Growth
  Improves Water Clarity   Removes Mineral Stains
  Water Hardness   Stops Staining and Pitting
  No Tools Required   Fits upto a 2" pipe

The Freescale unit is simply installed on the main water feed pipe as it enters your home or business. The unit can be installed on either PVC, copper, iron or flex pipe and unlike may of the competitors upto a 2 Inch industrial pipe.
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