How to

Signal Cable Installation

Best results will be achieved by :

Installing the cable well clear of possible sources of electro-magnetic influence.
Winding 10 to 12 TURNS of signal cable around pipe to be treated.
Keeping the coil tight with close turns, held securely with the supplied self-locking cable ties.
Keeping coil clear of bends, fittings and stop cocks.
Sighting the FREESCALE unit near to the coil, no more than 2 Metres, no less than 15 cm.
Cutting to length and removing excess signal cable,
i.e. keeping the signal cable as short as possible.
Installing coil on a pump discharge as opposed to pump inlet.

Unless specifically advised, the FREESCALE unit is only to be used in free flowing water systems. Never switch off existing water treatment system without careful monitoring. The FREESCALE unit does not take the calcium out of the water,


Once the FREESCALE unit has been sited, connect the Signal cable, to the unit.
Remove the bottom panel and connect each end of the coil to the connecting block.
Polarity is not important.
Connect the Signal cable.
Re-secure the panel.
Mains Power is supplied to the unit, via the 3 Pin lead.
The Mains Cable is already fitted with the correct plug and is protected with a 5 Amp Fuse.
Supply Voltage can be between 220 volts and 240 volts.
Once power is applied, the following will confirm correct operation:
The relevant mains voltage, (220V/240V), lamp will illuminate (Green) The Signal light will illuminate (Red) and remain illuminated and constant whilst the unit is operating correctly.

Testing Alarm System

The alarm consists of both audible and visual indicators and will operate under the following conditions:

Signal Lead Broken
Signal lead disconnected
Signal Generation failure, due to, for example, internal power supply failure, etc.

To test, disconnect one of the Signal leads. The audible alarm will sound, and the red light, on the front panel, will begin to flash on and off.

*Important: Re-connect signal lead after test.

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