Pipe size up to 100 mm diameter
Voltage 220/240 volts 50 Hz
Rating 6 VA
Output Power Adjustable to control de-scaling rate
Case Size 165 x 140 x 190 mm
Case Material ( Polystyrene )
Shipping Box 210 x 160 x 290 mm
Shipping Weight 2.5 Kg


Power Adjustment up to 100mm pipe
Audio Alarm
Visual Alarm Light
Heat Resistant Signal Cable
Internal Power Indicator Light
230V Mains Power Indicator Light

Alarm Signals

An alarm signal will sound when:
(i) Equipment malfunctions
(ii) Signal cable continuity broken
The audible alarm will sound, plus the red continuity lamp will flash under the conditions above.

Power Adjustment Control

Where fitted, adjustment of the FREESCALE power output may be achieved by means of rotating the switch located on the front of the unit. The unit is set to full power upon supply.

Where it is desirable that descaling of the system should be carried out in a slow controlled manner, a reduction in the FREESCALE unit power output can be achieved, by selecting a lower power setting on power control switch.

Mains Power Indicator Light

A green light is illuminated on the front of the FREESCALE unit whilst 220/240V AC power is connected.

Signal Cable

All Industrial models are supplied with heat resistant, single core multi-stranded cable with a diameter of 6mm, suitable for temperatures 60 to + 180 degrees C.

Manufacturer's Guarantee

The Manufacturers Guarantee operates for a period of one year following the date of purchase. In the unlikely event of the FREESCALE unit becoming unserviceable, i.e. Alarm condition persists and all connections are made and controls are set correctly, the unit can be sent back for replacement, quoting date of purchase, Invoice Number, etc. Before doing so, however, it is advisable to contact the supplier, to enable an assessment to be made of the possible cause.

This guarantee does not extend to any other electrical or water appliance or device that may be in use by the user of the FREESCALE unit and we accept no liability for the malfunction of any device other than the FREESCALE unit which has, either directly or indirectly, been sold to the user.

The FREESCALE unit does not affect the potability or natural mineral content of the water as there is nothing in contact with the water. Therefore, we accept no responsibility for water quality.
This Guarantee covers faulty components and assembly only and therefore is considered void if.

a. The unit has been subjected to physical shock
b. The unit has been opened or tampered with in any way
c. The unit has been connected to an un-approved supply voltage or has been subjected to excessive electrical surges from the power source or by way of acts of God, (e.g. lightning strike).
d. The unit has been exposed to an excessively damp environment

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